Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Results - Day 1

Here are the results of the 3 matches played today, 27 August 2008.
Please note that the initial post of the Best Scorer list has been amended due to some incorrection. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Press Conference - 26 August

A Press Conference will be held at 19h00, on 26 August, at the D. Bosco Pavillion.

This will be attended by the Organizing Committee, the Coaches of all teams as well as by a few players of different teams.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Meeting with Referees

The Organizing Committee convenes a meeting with all the Tournament Referees.
Venue: Hotel Royal, room 1029.
Date: 26 August.
Time: 22H00.

Meeting with Team Leaders

The Organizing Committee convenes a meeting with all the Team Leaders.
Venue: Hotel Royal, room 1029.
Date: 26 August.
Time: 21H00.

Official practice times (revised)

Date: 26 August (Tuesday)
Venue: D. Bosco Pavillion
18H30 to 18H50 - AUSTRALIA
18H50 to 19H10 - NEW ZEALAND
19H10 to 19H30 - SPAIN
19H30 to 19H50 - INDIA
19H50 to 20H10 - MACAU
20H10 to 20H30 - JAPAN

Official calendar of the tournament

As Portugal declined to attend and Mozambique failed to confirm its presence, the Organizing Committee has revised the official calendar of the games, as follows:

There will be one single stage (round robin).

DAY 1 – 27 August
Game 1 – 18H00 – India/Japan

19H15 – Opening Ceremony

Game 2 – 20H00 – Macau/Spain
Game 3 – 21H15 – Australia/New Zealand

DAY 2 – 28 August
Game 4 – 18H45 – Australia/India
Game 5 – 20H00 – Macau/New Zealand
Game 6 – 21H15 – Japan/Spain

DAY 3 – 29 August
Game 7 – 18H45 – Australia/Japan
Game 8 – 20H00 – New Zealand/Spain
Game 9 – 21H15 – India/Macau

DAY 4 – 30 August
Game 10 – 18H45 – Japan/New Zealand
Game 11 – 20H00 – Australia/Macau
Game 12 – 21H15 – India/Spain

DAY 5 – 31 August
Game 13 – 14H30 – India/New Zealand
Game 14 – 15H45 – Australia/Spain
Game 15 – 17H00 – Japan/Macau

20H00 – Farewell dinner and prizes presentation.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Introducing the Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee of the Intercontinental Tournament welcomes you to the Tournament's Blog.

The Member's names and areas are:

António A. Silva Aguiar: President of the Committee and responsible for General Coordination, Logistics and Press;

Gentil A. Silva Noras: Vice-President; in charge of Finance and Competition matters;

Manuel José da Luz: Member; in charge of Infrastructures;

Dulce Atraca Lisboa: Member; head of Public Relations, Ceremonies and Entertainment;

Luis Matos Rolo: Member; handling Secretariat and Credentiation areas.

See you all soon in Macau.