Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Official calendar of the tournament

As Portugal declined to attend and Mozambique failed to confirm its presence, the Organizing Committee has revised the official calendar of the games, as follows:

There will be one single stage (round robin).

DAY 1 – 27 August
Game 1 – 18H00 – India/Japan

19H15 – Opening Ceremony

Game 2 – 20H00 – Macau/Spain
Game 3 – 21H15 – Australia/New Zealand

DAY 2 – 28 August
Game 4 – 18H45 – Australia/India
Game 5 – 20H00 – Macau/New Zealand
Game 6 – 21H15 – Japan/Spain

DAY 3 – 29 August
Game 7 – 18H45 – Australia/Japan
Game 8 – 20H00 – New Zealand/Spain
Game 9 – 21H15 – India/Macau

DAY 4 – 30 August
Game 10 – 18H45 – Japan/New Zealand
Game 11 – 20H00 – Australia/Macau
Game 12 – 21H15 – India/Spain

DAY 5 – 31 August
Game 13 – 14H30 – India/New Zealand
Game 14 – 15H45 – Australia/Spain
Game 15 – 17H00 – Japan/Macau

20H00 – Farewell dinner and prizes presentation.


Anonymous said...

Suerte al combinado de Alberto Manzón, que lleva un equipo de grandes promesas. Buena remesa de nueva creación. Saludos,

Anonymous said...

Portugal é sempre a mesma vergonha. Custava muito trazer uma equipa, nem que fosse de segundo ou terceiro plano, como fez a Espanha?

balpreet said...

hey please put up some of the tournament's photographs and also show the names of the goal scorers.. thank you(india)

Palmiro said...

I have photos aaa!!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO SPAIN!!! Excellent game! We want to know more about the event happening during the awarding. Who was awarded the best player? The best team?

Anonymous said...

Congaratulations also to the director and organizers of the tournament. it was successful and organized. More power!

naresh said...

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George said...


Can you please send me your contact information ASAP? My name is David and I work for the Inline Hockey Program at the YMCA in Hong Kong. We would like to be apart of any future Inline Hockey tournaments that you have. Also, it would be great to have Macau enter the 2008 Hong Kong Inline Cup Tournament in November.

Thanks. David